Before you proceed, you need InTouchApp installed on your phone. 

How to see and restore deleted contacts from Web/PC:

Step 1 - Navigate to and Login.

Step 2 - Click on All contacts and choose Deleted. You'll see the number of contacts deleted with its details.

Step 3 - To Restore contacts:

  1. To restore all contacts or contacts deleted within a period of time, simply click on the drop-down button of "Undelete contacts" located below your account's profile picture and select "All/Last day/Last week" as per your needs.
  2. To restore specific contacts, select multiple contacts from the checkbox and click on Undelete (n) contacts button located below your account's profile picture.

Step 4 - Confirm the action by clicking on Undelete". The deleted contacts will be restored to your account.

You should now see the restored contacts in your account online. These contacts will also be downloaded to your connected phone(s) automatically. If for some reason you are still not seeing the restored contacts on your phone, please start sync manually.

For further questions, you can drop us an email at or Chat with us.