InTouch Spaces - Topic-based team communication

The new way to keep teams in sync - Easily organize & share discussions, documents & contacts between people. Bye to long chats, good morning messages & wasteful forwards! Stay focussed and get things done with your team.

Key Features:

  • Structured group communication, have a separate thread for each topic of discussion.
  • One place to keep documents and make them available to all members.
  • Shared contact directory - easily add contacts to a shared directory and make them easily searchable & accessible.
  • Role-based access & controls. Privacy settings enable admins to control the visibility of content.
  • You can easily customize the Space, choose from templates such as Notices, Discussions, Documents, Contact List, Blog, and many more.
  • No limit and completely private, allowing to add unlimited members. Phone numbers are private and not shared with each other. 
  • Anonymous chat - Members cannot see the full name, profile, or contact details of the other members. Admins can see everything. 

To get started, download InTouch Spaces on your phone