It gets quite difficult these days managing business cards, consuming time to scan and save them on your phone contact book. With InTouchApp, you can ask your secretary to scan business cards on your behalf and the contact gets saved to your phone contact book.

Before you proceed, you need InTouchApp/Spaces installed on your phone.

Follow the below steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - Open InTouchApp > Go to Spaces tab 

Step 2 - Go to My Business Cards

Step 3 - Go to Members tab

Step 4 - Select Add new member & add your secretary who would be scanning business card on behalf of you

Step 5 - Click on the contact information there and change permissions as Set as Admin.

Step 6 - Now, your secretary just needs to open your Business cards Space > Go to Business Cards tab > Start scanning cards by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner.

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