Before you proceed, you need InTouchApp installed on your phone.

If you haven't received the verification code to Sign up to InTouchApp, please follow the below steps:

Please note there would be some issues with the authentication service, so there are issues in getting OTP.

Step 1 - Open InTouchApp on your phone. 

Step 2 - Please remove (kill) the app from memory (do not uninstall)

Step 3 - Try to get the verification code at least 3 to 4 times, waiting for 30 - 45 seconds between each session for getting the code.

Step 4 - Even after this, you are unable to receive the verification code, please click on the Report button and share the below details: 

  • contact number with which you tried to receive the verification code
  • the device name & model number
  • mobile carrier.

For further questions, you can drop us an email at or Chat with us.