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How to Save all Contacts at once (bulk) from WhatsApp to Phone?

Step 1 - Open in the browser and Scan the QR code by using WhatsApp on phone.

Step 2 - Click on SCAN NOW button or the red + icon > Find unsaved numbers.

Step 3 - It will scroll through your chats and would detect all the unknown numbers. (Wait for the scanning to complete, detecting all the unknown numbers from your chats.)

Step 4 - Click on SAVE and all Unknown numbers will be saved to your phone. By default the contacts are being saved as WhatsApp Web 0001, WhatsApp Web 0002 etc. You can change the prefix as well while trying to save contacts, learn more here

(It may take a while for the contacts to be added in your phone, depending on the numbers of unknown contacts and your internet speed.)


  1. Don't click on the SAVE button again unless the first Contacts that you saved are successfully visible on your phone. 
  2. If you don't see the contacts saved on your phone, please manually sync them once by following this guide:


Tip: How to avoid duplicates while Bulk saving contacts?

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